Friday, December 2, 2011

I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel

Move over Bird, Johnson and Jordan there is a new Dream Team in town, and we are not 7 feet tall, but we mean business.

A great children's picture book does not only consist of a great story line, and illustrations to support the text. However, it also requires a fantastic cover, an incredible interior layout and typography, which by default generates a professional look. I was very lucky to secure one of the most talented book designers in the industry with scores of books that bares her name and many years at the big houses behind her (11 years at Random House Children books, most recently as senior designer). The best thing is, she lives a mere 15 minutes from me. I am extremely grateful for this, and can't wait to bring all of our talents together.

The dream team is complete, and all three of us are plowing forward with the same vision, to create an amazing book in a not so long period of time.

The team is made up of:
Haily Cryan illustrator extraodinaire, and recent BFA graduate,
Rebecca Stone, veteran book designer and
Mayma Raphael passionate communicator-author.

We have just a little over 6 months to bring this baby to life, and from the looks of it she is being birthed by a motivated group of women.

Please stay tuned and thank you for going on this journey with us.


  1. Sounds wonderful!
    Best of luck in this new journey!!