Thursday, March 1, 2012

My visit to the Eric Carle Museum, the Museum of Picture Book Art

Last week over the President's Day holiday, I took my children, along with my girlfriend Kathleen, and her three daughters to visit the Eric Carle Museum, in Amherst, Massachusetts. This is an amazing picture book art museum, the only one in the Northeast. We were taken aback by the current exhibits. One of the exhibits is of Eric Carle’s work, which is tremendous and richly appointed with various pieces. He is an amazingly talented artist and his style is so unique. Another exhibit was that of one of my favorites, Kadir Nelson. His work needs no introduction. The details are so vivid and realistic, and the paintings were so life like, and larger than I had anticipated.

Someday, Haily's work will be on exhibit at this amazing museum as well, as she is already on the right path. I am hoping that "I Love the Skin I'm In" will be part of their library and bookstore collection as well.

Hungry caterpillar?
This Museum is such a gem and should be visited by the entire family. Not just the kids and the kids at heart. There are lots of activities that will keep the children active, but also a few things that the adults can find fascinating.

Budding artist at the Eric Carle Museum
I was informed about the Eric Carle Museum by the Librarian at my son's school who is extremely versed in matters of books and art. I have been volunteering at my son's library since the beginning of the 2011/12 calendar, and I find it to be the most rewarding. I have learnt so many details about books and how the children interact with them and been fortunate to familiarize myself with so many different types of books. I look forward to volunteering every week, not only to broaden my knowledge, but get a deeper appreciation for books.
Writer at the Eric Carle Museum 

I do believe that books are an important part of children's understanding of the world, and it is important that they do read and hear a multitude of stories about people around the world, and of what will inspire and enlighten them, instead of single stories with narrow themes. I look forward to sharing my book with the world.


  1. Sounds interesting!
    I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you! You should definitely go. Great space! You will also enjoy the architecture