Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book and Baby due this summer? My oh my!!!

Stewart and I are elated to be expecting the arrival our third child at the end of this summer!

Almost 5 years ago we thought we had to abandon the possibility of having a third child, but someone else had a bigger plan for us. Even just 5 months ago, if someone had told me I was going to have a baby this year, the year of the dragon, I would have told him or her to go see a shrink! But here I am today, on the receiving end of a glowing face, a round swollen tummy, and hips that would put JLo’s to shame. I am loving my newfound curves and truly enjoying this whole process as it happens.

I often wonder how my parents managed with four kids and how other families I know have handled over five. I do believe that somehow we learn to cope with our situation, no matter the circumstances.

I have been quite busy both getting ready for the baby and at the same time working on a few projects. I have heard that the third time around is the charm, so I am patiently waiting to be charmed. There may be a bit more juggling to be done but, at the end of the day, life goes on –and the baby will fit perfectly into our lives.

My son turns 7 years old today, and we are keeping his birthday plans quite simple, and making it more of a family affair, and creating a memorable experience for him just as his other 6 birthdays. They are such grateful children, and I love the way that they are warming up to the idea of having a new pair of feet running around the house and vying for all of our attention.

The kids are looking forward to welcoming their new brother or sister into this world. They are already busy setting aside their favorite books for him or her. I am hoping that baby Raphael will be blessed with a keen sense of curiosity, one that will challenge me to explore areas that are important to him or her.

I look forward to reading “I love the Skin I’m In” to baby Raphael when he is ready, and hopefully he or she will find it as fascinating and enjoyable as my other two children have.

So by the time the book is due, I will be glowing with bliss for two main reasons: 1) that I will have published this great book with a great message and 2) I will be thrilled with the anticipation of observing how my children will interact with their new sibling and how this baby will inspire all of us and push us to do things differently.

There is always room in a mother’s heart for more love and I am hoping to be blessed with this wonderful being in many ways, just as our two beautiful children have and will continue to bless us.

We are ecstatic and we just can’t wait!!

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