Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Us Girls

After so many unsuccessful attempts to get all of us ladies together, we managed somehow to have our schedules coordinate and finally met for lunch, at Nobu 57th.

I decided to bring Reagan along on our lunch date because I wanted her to feel equally important in the production of the book, I Love the Skin I’m In, and to take her out of her comfort zone of French fries and chicken fingers.  She regressed slightly, not the typical, extremely energetic and talkative type that I am used to, but a quiet, more subdued Little Miss Muffet.  I guess the very modern but cool atmosphere and the very bustling city right outside Nobu’s heavy doors could have contributed to her unusual demeanor.   Nonetheless, she was enjoying just us girls style gathering.  I reluctantly asked our waiter whether he had any child friendly dishes on the menu and he immediately understood just what I meant.  He suggested the chicken skewers which were a hit. He was right, and Reagan had order two sets, and seems very content with her meal.

Rebecca and Haily both settled for the lunch boxes, which were by far the most elaborate I had ever seen. There were very interesting combinations, and extremely appetizing.  Myself on the other hand had everything on the menu.  I have always enjoyed their rock shrimp salad, however, I had that and quite a few other things, making it impossible for me to request dessert.  I had the perfect excuse that I was eating for two. That clichĂ© is so overrated. The girls seemed to pretend that they understood. I am sure that they thought how piggish I was being, but hey, there are lots to be grateful for and we were having a wonderful time.

Both Rebecca and Haily are such amazing people. They are passionate about their work and we enjoyed just basking in our little creation, and talking about it like it is our baby. We are all hoping that the book will arrive before the launch, but if it is does not, there are definitely lots of reasons to celebrate.
We are just very grateful that we have come so far in the book production process, and at this moment, we just have to wait as our fate is in the hands of our beloved printer and shipper.


  1. That is great you can take your child to such events and still enjoy it!
    Early or late, I am sure that once you have the book in your hands it will be like bringing a new baby home; all worries and anticipation will be forgotten.

  2. Thank you dear! Thank you also for ALWAYS being brave enough to post comments. I appreciate the support.